Hello! I have been accused of being an advanced amateur astronomer. I've been owning telescopes since the mid-80's. The observing list I have compiled has become well-known in southern California. People have offered to buy it, copy it, and steal it. The first time I rebuilt a telescope was about 1990. That was a 17.5" Odyssey Newtonian. In the mid-90's I made an off-axis Herschelian telescope using an 8" flex mirror I ground and polished. This I described on the atm mailing list. Here are some of my other projects. Maybe you will call them inventions?

The Spot Test                 The Flex Rocker

The Negative Profile Focuser

Venus             Diffraction Limited

Here is some more stuff for you to enjoy:  

                     The 1994 Los Angeles Earthquake

Convert between USA and metric units            


Quit Smoking Now

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