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If you do NOT want your website to look like a $50 template, then contact me! I have unique, pre-built, custom website designs from $2000 to $9000 - your website will not look like a million others out there. Be Different - Stand Out!

I also create $400 websites, if that's what you want. But I write all my own code. I still do not use those crazy template thingys (WP, J, etc).

I am a Certified Internet Webmaster with fifteen years experience. I do website design (XHTML, CSS, JavaScript) and developing (programming the back-end with PHP/MySQL or ASP/Access). I do changes on existing websites, and I also design and program websites large and small from scratch. My websites are pre-optimized for search engines. I can create a custom CMS without relying on a template. I can help with almost any aspect of a website (however, I do not do Flash websites - yuk!). I even have a proven service to raise the Google PageRank of existing websites. I can bring you up to page one.

I am interested in talking to you about your website's requirements. If you have not yet found a web master, I am available.

I also do photography and image editing.

Here are a few simple websites where I did virtually all of the design, coding, art, and graphics; I also did all of the photography on the first two websites; the last is a sample since the business already went out of business:
♦ (javascript calculator)
♦ (javascript calculator)
♦ (PHP/MySQL/CSS/Javascript/AJAX)
♦ (PHP/MySQL/JavaScript/AJAX/CMS)

Please realize that all the code and images on this website are © Copyright 2006-2013 by John Sherman, and must not be reproduced without written permission. Thank you!!

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