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Nanday Conure

The Nanday Conure is a parrot which normally lives in South America. Humans like to capture these birds and lock them up in little cages. These are very social birds, living in flocks. They like to talk to and cuddle with each other. So locking them in little cages - one or two per house - is torture. Eventually a few of them escape from their 'owners' and fly away.

In the city of Los Angeles there have probably been hundreds which have escaped. From there, South America is a tad far to fly. So they get out of the city if they can live long enough, and find some other place to start a new life. This one is part of dozens which live in a canyon west of Los Angeles. Apparently they have a breeding population now. This is a wild bird. On the internet you can find lots of high-resolution photos of the birds, taken from close-up (in captivity). They are very beautiful.

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