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I camped for four very windy and cold nights on this ridge over-looking Williamson Bowl. Given the wind, you can imagine why I set up my tent behind this big rock with yellow, green, and black lichen on it's north side. One sunrise I waited between gusts to get this picture of Mt Tyndall.

Unfortunately, the rock didn't prove to be of much help. This campsite is right on top of the Sierra Crest (which divides the Great Basin from the Pacific Ocean drainages). The wind was very gusty, and it came from all directions. For example, let's say it was coming from the west at 50mph, it could suddenly stop completely. Then a moment later it could be coming from the north at 20mph for a minute or two, then swing around to the east while speeding up to 60mph. The wind speed was constantly changing, and it was constantly changing direction. North, south, east, west - up there it blasted from everywhere. Whatever it was doing now was no indication of what it would be doing in a minute.

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