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I made it! I'm standing on the very top of Pyramid Peak. How come there's no one else here? I mean: Yay! there is no one else here. Indeed, as far as I can see in every direction there's no one else. Except that very far away I can see the town of Bishop at the bottom of the Owen's Valley, but even with my little telescope I can't see any people from this far. I can barely make out some semi-trucks on the highway.

That big flat patch of snow down there is Spire Lake, from which flows Spire Creek when it isn't frozen. Pretty wild country. The mountain on the left is Mt Tom, the one on the right way in the background is Mt Humphrey's. Both are just a tad under fourteen thousand feet high. Me? I'm 'only' at 12,866 feet above sea level (if you want to know what that is in meters, click the MAP link, then click "More Stuff", and then click "Convert").

What a wonderful day!

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