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Giant Sequoia

Sequoiadendron giganteum      The largest living things on the Earth. These are redwood trees. Their color is appropriate, since they require fire to reproduce. It seems a tree would be allergic to fire, but there you are. This one was leaning out over Circle Meadow in Giant Forest. Someday it will fall over into the meadow. That's just about the only thing that kills these behemoths, falling down. So when it falls down, if nobody is there to hear it will it still make noise? Of course!! Laws of Physics, and all that. Every noise you hear was there before you heard it. Whoever first came up with that insane question is not a philosopher, he's a, a, [well, I'd better not say; but the same goes for those who still think there would be no noise].

Picture #161 -  copyright © 1995 by John Sherman


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