John's Nature Pictures

Mule Deer

So one day I'm walking through the forest on a trail which leads to a good view. I hear this stomping noise behind me. I turn around, and here's this deer looking at me, thinking "I see your tripod. I know you're a photographer. How could you walk right by me and not want to take my picture???" Hunh? Well, dood, I'd be glad to take your picture. So he's posing this way and that, but I'm thinking "the light sux here". So he leads me over to this spot - he's a mind reader! Good light now. Starts posing and smiling. Eating the Indian Paintbrush. Look at the rack on that guy! No wonder he's proud. Eighteen points already, and still growing (8 + 10). He's been in a lot of fights. A scar on his rump, one lip tore up, and that ear is split in half, what's left of it. I'll bet he always gets his girl, though.

Picture #121 -  copyright © 1993 by John Sherman


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