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Los Angeles

The oversized crescent is Luna, our moon. The tiny crescent is Venus, our sister planet. The view is from the Hollywood Hills. The highway is the Hollywood Freeway, US-101, as it cuts through Hollywood. The big buildings in downtown Los Angeles are stretched across the skyline.

It is a quadruple exposure made in-the-camera, on one frame of the film, before I ever had a computer to merge photos with. I shot Luna and Venus at about eight times the magnification of the city. Nowadays I would make the four exposures separately, and merge them later. Do you see the other problem with the crescents?

The city is the second largest in our country. About one out of every twenty Americans live here in the LA metropolitan area. That means we have more people than most states. I am one of those people. Too bad for me, eh?

Picture #101 -  copyright © 1998 by John Sherman


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